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Job vacancies within The Entrance Presbyterian Church will be posted on this page as they become available.


Next Generation Ministry Co-ordinator: 8 hrs a week part-time position

Applications & All Enquiries to:

The following Presbyterian Church Conduct Protocol Unit Job Description Applies:

As a Next Generation Ministry Co-ordinator, you aim to:

  • Share the gospel with young people within their local church and community.

  • Disciple young people in their faith as they live out their faith in the real world.

  • Take care to respect the feelings and privacy of member of the group.

  • Encourage and support them into ministry in all aspects of their life.

  • Teach the Bible faithfully and truthfully to those in your youth group.

  • Model the Christian Life to the youth group members. Show them in the way you act 
    and speak both the struggles and joys of being Christ-Like.

  • Encourage and pray for everyone in your study group.

  • Be involved in the planning and implementing of the youth group program. 

  • Prepare and go through the study or discussion before the meeting.



  • Creating, together with the other leaders, a program for the term, including activities,
    studies, social events, supper and who is responsible for organising it.

  • Looking out for the individuals in your group.

  • Carrying out your specific responsibilities within the youth group - such as running
    a study group or coordinating games.

  • Welcoming and speaking to the parents of the youth group members.

  • Ensuring that you and the other Leaders present the gospel truthfully.

  • Ensuring that no one person has an overwhelming workload.

  • Ensuring that there is no breach of trust towards the members of the group or other


  • Be a regular attender at church and a Bible study group.

  • Obtain a Working with Children Check and have it verified by the CPU.

  • Complete the BTS Application for Working with Children or Young People form.

  • Complete Breaking the Silence Foundations Training every 3 years and complete

  • Top-Up Training each year.

  • Sign a copy of this job description, indicating your agreement to the Code of Conduct.


  • It is important that all activities of the group are open to observation by the Minister,
    the Session, and parents.

  • If you are training up younger Leaders, it is important to pastorally care for them.
    When delegating tasks to them, it is important to work alongside with them in the
    organising and implementing of the specific tasks.

  • When giving the youth group members supper, it is important that you have asked
    the individuals (or parents / guardians) whether they have any food allergies. If
    necessary, a separate supper may need to be provided for these individuals.

  • The issue of administering first aid needs to be addressed by Leaders because there
    are certain things that cannot be administered. Leaders need to find out (from church
    Leadership) what they can administer to the individuals.

  • When taking the youth group members out of the place they meet, a permission
    note is needed for each individual.

  • When participating in an activity that costs the youth group member money, it is 
    important that the Leaders have considered whether this will prevent some youth
    group members from participating.


  • ALL youth group members and others under your Leadership, regardless of age, are
    covered by these protocols. 

  • Do not allow yourself to be in any area alone with a youth group member, or person under your leadership, including junior leaders who are under 18. Always have
    another Leader or the parent with you. This includes driving children and visiting
    them in their homes. 

  • If a youth group member of the opposite sex comes to you for counselling, immediately take them to a leader of the same sex as the member who can talk to them. 

  • If a youth group member of the same sex comes to you for counselling, ensure you
    do so in an open area, never a closed room.

  • If you should need to speak to a youth group member about participating or helping
    out in a youth group event, ensure you do so in the vicinity of other people, with
    another leader present.

  • If a youth group member has questions for you during the event, ask another leader
    to remain in the room while you talk to them.

  • If a youth group member is distressed and needs to be consoled, it is important that
    a person of the same sex does the consoling. Ensure that another leader is with you
    at all times and use your discretion when speaking and comforting the youth group

  • If a youth group member discloses information to you regarding any kind of abuse
    or neglect, you must divulge this information to a minister, elder or the Conduct
    Protocol Unit. However, be careful not to reveal confidential information to any other

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